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Welcome to Houshold Milogosce

Inhale the nature! Village Mionica - an oasis of unspoiled nature, tranquility, fresh mountain air and healthy food. Wake up in a vacation home with complete comfort.
Take a break in the countryside, in a cozy, traditional Serbian, rural environment, with quality accommodation and quality local cuisine, which includes old Serbian traditional cuisine.

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With a delicious meal consisting of dishes that are prepared our grandmothers, the beautiful scenery and complete comfort of the household will make your stay unforgettable.

Accommodation - "Vajat"

Ideal option for family vacation in authentic accommodation surrounded by nature.
milogosce seoski turizam smestaj vajatmilogosce seoski turizam smestaj vajatmilogosce seoski turizam smestaj vajat

Houshold Milogosce

Household of Milogosce is located in Mionica village, 9 km from Kosjeric, on the slopes of the mountain Divcibare, at 670 meters above the sea level. Due to large areas of pine and birch woods, spackled by flower glades with remedial herbs, this household has traditionally been involved in beekeeping for almost 100 years. Your stay out in nature will allow you to take walks, recreate, participate in sports, go hunting, fishing, pick wild fruits and remedial herbs, as well as to take part in many other recreational and entertainment mountain activities.

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Milogosce household disposes of five first class triple bedrooms, with bathrooms, balconies, wireless internet. The interior of all rooms furnished with natural materials such as wood and brick. The rooms are decorated with handmade carpets, rugs, footpaths, and covers, giving them a special appearance. Bathrooms are equipped with sanitary elements…


On the way from Kosjeric to Valjevo, on the right hand side of the highway, on the slopes of the hill Subjel, a narrow village road through thick forest and mountain brooks will take you to Mionica village.   This village is 9km far from Kosjeric, at 620 meters above…


Here you can enjoy in the comfort of outdoor swimming pools

You need a break in the silence of nature? Sojourn in this untouched nature will be ideal for walks, recreation, sport activities, and swimming in the Mionica river.

Our guests Reviews

We keep wondering why you can not get the time? Who says ?! Milogosce is a place where everything is possible, where the nature of crackles and chirps. That's where the time is waiting for you, that's where the time machine whispers.

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We could not assume that something like this exists! We are delighted by the kindness and acceptance of our hosts ... About food and accommodation should not comment on, the words would be superfluous. We wish them from the heart to realize all their ideas and just keep on. We will surely come again.